We recover from the effects of alcoholism from the experience, strength and hope of others who have walked the same path. Please consider sharing your personal story with others who may benefit from it.

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Oakland County Supports Alateens

I once heard at an open talk “who do you say no to?” Someone who needs a ride, a newcomer who just needs questions answered after a meeting, or someone […]
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Al-Anon?? Who me? He’s the one with the problem!!

In January, I was asked to speak about Al- Anon at the annual Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals. This was held at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing, Michigan […]
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Hope For Those Troubled by Someone’s Drinking

If you have been thinking that you want to get more out of your Al-Anon program, this may be for you!  One of our active members, and former Outreach coordinator, […]
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Tell Your Story in the Newest Book!

Your Group Rep probably received a form from World Service Organization (available here). seeking members’ sharings on the subject, “Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships”.  The 2011 World Service Conference gave conceptual […]
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Focusing on myself helped me heal

Read this article from November 2011 FORUM Magazine by Lisa M. from Massachusetts.
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Readers Blog

Keep in touch with each other and share information here.
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My Best Birthday

It was just before my birthday in 1986 that I learned that the person I had shared my life and home with for the past three years was using drugs. […]
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Personal Stories


    1. Kathi says:

      Bill, thank you for taking the time and courage to share your story with us. This offering of strength, hope, and experience will help so many of us! Thank you again!

    2. oaklanda says:

      Bill, thank you for courageously sharing your story with us. Through the experience, strength and hope of members like you, we, too can find the serenity we seek.

      Anyone else have a story to share?

      • Therese says:

        Thank you for sharing how you came to find Al-Anon. I can so relate to the fear that drives a person to their first meeting. I sure know that feeling, and after 2 years in the program, I too can say, “Thank God I am not the same person who walked through the doors of Al-Anon.”

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Personal Stories

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